Bulgarian Bag Trainer Talks About Balanced Eating

These day’s Bulgarian Bag exercises are one of the most effective ways to achieve weight loss and a toned lean body.

There are a lot of fitness trainers there who will give exercise advice and nutrition tips to participants. Fitness industry experts say that eating right is monumentally important for the success of your exercise regime.

You must follow dieting tips given by the top nutritionists who are a part of the managing team of Bulgarian Bag training experts.

What is a balanced meal?
A balanced meal is a combination of food items that has all the necessary nutrients which are required to serve the body. Bulgarian Bag trainers say that each snack or meal that you consume during the day should have a proper balance of lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Try to make sure that at least one item from each of the above categories is included in all the meals that you at.

What’s lean protein and how to incorporate it into your diet?
Not all kinds of protein are equally beneficial for the body say Bulgarian Bag instructors. Red meat is also a rich source of protein but unfortunately it’s also phenomenally rich in fat. Avoid eating pork, beef and bacon.
You can have mutton after removing all fatty pockets from it. Lean meat or white meat is what really helps the body. Chicken and turkey are the best sources of lean meat. If you must have beef then opt for local farm versions which are 93% fat free. Eat fish like tilapia and salmon.

Proteins are complex structures made of amino acids which are building blocks of everything in your body. You must have a sufficient amount of protein because it will help build and keep your body tissues in good condition.

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How to include complex carbs in your diet?
Complex carbs are long chained sugars which are difficult for the body to break and assimilate. They don’t spike up the sugar level like simple carbs (table sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners etc).

Nutrition experts say that Complex carbs come bundled up with vitamins, minerals and fibers and they act as the power fuel to the body. Quinona, brown rice, brown flour and oats are good sources of complex carbohydrates.

You can also include oranges, apricots, apples, beans, black beans, yoghurt and garbanzo beans in your diet if you want to eat more of complex carbs.

How to incorporate healthy fat into your diet?
The word “fat” rings off alarm bells in the minds of most people. However Bulgarian Bag instructors  say that fat is essential for the absorbing of vitamins A,D,E &K. Fat also gives the body the strength to withstand cold and extreme situations.

Eat small quantities of monounsaturated fats like that found in olives, peanuts and canolas. This kind of fat will reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. You could also eat Avocados.  A healthy dose (250 mg) of omega 3 fatty acids is essential to keep down cholesterol. Salmon, herring, sardine and trout are god sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

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