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Living in the aged of internet, you must have invested a fortune in building a Search Engine Optimised website for you online business. It would have required you to make research on keyword and to optimize all the pages in your website for the intended keywords. All is done well, but what about the results of the rigorous SEO procedures, how good is your website’s search engine rank? Here are some useful tips from Gold Coast SEO Pro.

Here are a few ways to determine your search engine’s ranking.

Google’s view on Online Rank Checking Services

 You can find numerous ranking services online that determines the search engine ranks. Google strongly prohibits the use of such services. Most online ranking services provide incorrect results and sometimes lead you to the risk of violating Google’s terms of service.

The technically sound product or service will be sought by most people irrespective of its online score card. Based on this principle Google strongly recommends the construction of unique online content intended primarily for the users and not for the search engine. It penalizes website owner’s who use tricks to improve ranking.

When you know that you cannot rely on the rank checking services you have to rely on the success of SEO.



How to Determine Search Engine Rank by Measuring SEO Success?

The ultimate objective of using SEO for your business was to get better internet presence. Linkedin is also very helpful to get your business name some ranking. You can use the gained internet visibility as a measure to determine your website’s ranking. Here are some of the best ways to check your website’s ranking.

  1. Manually Checking the Search Engine Results

People easily trick Google’s algorithms and placing their websites with better ranks. That is the reason that Google itself has employed real people to rate and classify the websites. You can do the same and determine the position your website in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It is a slow and tedious work involving searching through your keywords but it provides actual results.

  1. by Using Google Webmaster Tools

You can use the “search queries” section of Google webmaster tools for your site and determine the keywords that people use to browse through your website. You can click on a particular keyword to enable the webmaster to include the Google ranking in the search results.

  1. by Using Analytics Software

Analytic Software helps to interpret your website’s data in terms of the URL that your customers visited before your page and the Google page number when the visitors found your page. It summarizes all that is working and not working for your SEO website.

  1. Using Your Server Log Files

Your server log file contains accurate data regarding how search engine views your website. Log analysis helps in identifying the SEO mistakes that your website might be living with; it gives an opportunity to correct the problems and leads your website to higher ranks in search engine results.

You can take up these real results and work to improve your ranking through better SEO practices rather than to get misguided by wrong results of online ranking programs.

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How to Get the Best Results with Article Marketing?

In order to get the best results with article marketing for SEO purposes,a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves, I recommend the following practices :

Do thorough keyword research and make a list.

You want to have a stockpile of keywords and keyword phrases that are appropriate for your industry. You can use a tool like Google’s free keyword tool or invest in a professional tool like Market Samurai. You want to focus on keywords that are going to help you rank highly in search results.

Write an article for all of your keywords. Try to set a daily goal of writing one article. If your talent for writing isn’t too strong, consider hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters are often knowledgeable concerning SEO practices.

Submit to a wide variety of directories. Every directory offers different options. Different niches perform better on one site than another. When you distribute your articles to several different directories, you can determine which ones are giving you better results in your article marketing campaign.

Track each article’s performance. Knowing which articles are performing best may give you an idea of what your search rankings will be. Then you can focus your efforts on the better performing keywords.

Fine-tune to your articles. When you track the performance of your articles, you’ll begin to notice which titles are capturing more hits and which ones are only doing okay. Then you can tweak a little here and there. For example, maybe titles written as a question get more readers than those that are straightforward.

Use what you’ve learned to boost your traffic. Once you’ve observed what is working best in your article marketing campaign, you can start duplicating what you learned in your future articles.

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SEO for StartUps

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