A Beginners Guide To Clubbell Training

If your personal training business has a number of personal trainers who specialize in various areas of fitness such as clubbell training, make a short trainer introduction video.

Get your personal trainers to talk about themselves, their clubbell qualification, fitness training experience and how they think their specialty exercises can help people achieve their fitness targets.

Post these personal trainer profiles on your website and social media page of your business.

Exercise sessions
Make short videos of clubbell exercise sessions in progress and post them on your page. It is likely to create a personal connection with prospective clients. Use geo-tagging options and spread the videos on your pages. Working out with clubbells is very specialized so videos work great at getting your message across.

If you conduct special clubbell sessions in a park or playground, make a short video of it and use geo-tagging. Use popular and specific hashtags and watch the hits to your pages increase. Make sure you take your clients’ permission before posting any photos or videos of your clients on the website or any other platforms.

Facility tour
A good Fitness Web Design strategy is to give your viewers a virtual tour of your gym. Make a video of your facility, the reception area, work out zones, relaxing areas, gym equipment and trainer staff. If there are people who would want to visit your facility just to have a look at your gym, making this video serves this purpose. This is a good example of such a tour: https://www.clubbell.com.au/indian-clubs/

Also there are many clients who ask for photographs of the gym before they actually sign up for your services. It helps in creating a personal touch with your clients and makes them more confident about your services.

Training videos
Online videos are a great Fitness Web Design tool to publish a series of workouts or training videos. Useful videos include videos such as how to do a perfect squat, how to do aerobic exercises at home etc.


You can even post videos of recipes such as how to make a protein shake, how to prepare a diet salad etc. Prospective clients are attracted to your website and ultimately to your fitness business because they are exposed to the wide variety of services that you offer.

Videos as a Fitness Web Design tool can be used in a various number of ways. Use the most relevant ones for your business. The best part of making videos for fitness marketing is that it is easy to share and not just you, but even your clients can share it widely and give more exposure for your business.

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